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BBC World Book Club Sept. 7, 2013

Interview with Neil Gaiman on the BBC World Book Club. Focusing on American Gods :D.


The Book That Made Me… In which I talk about the book and the author who made me. (And I talk about Coraline too.)

I do think about my readers when I’m writing but I never write down to them. I never say ’ Oh this idea is too complicated for them.’ or ’ I don’t want to have this symbolic structure, because it won’t resonate with them.’ I never think about that, because I think that teenagers are infinitely intellectually capable. As long as we grant them intelligence they will show us that intelligence.
John Green, in an interview for German TV (via illustratedwords)


Henry Jenkins and I, in conversation at MIT, after I gave the first Julie Schwartz Memorial Lecture, a few years ago.

This is the first half of the talk.